2021-06-29 Steering meeting minutes

06/29/2021 Steering Meeting

Steering Committee, June 22

Facilitator: Kurtis

Secretary: Brendan G.

Location: Zoom

Attending: Abel A., Lauren Katz, Kareem Elrefai, Brendan G., Irene Koo, Stephanie G., Stuart Karaffa, Kurtis

Absent: Runal, Brian, Saoirse



Meeting came to order at 5:04 pm. Kurtis reads aloud the code of conduct and land acknowledgement. Asks for any amendments to the agenda.

Kurtis motions for unanimous passing of agenda. Abel raises a point of information acknowledging that approving the agenda unanimously approves the unanimous consent agenda. After a short period for members to review the consent agenda, both the agenda and consent agenda pass unanimously.

Kurtis motions to approve previous minutes adopted with unanimous consent – motion passes

Kurtis gives a high-level summary on the reports, then opens the floor for report reps


  • Labor (Sam)
    • Kurtis suggests to connect with Brendan and Stephanie re: Action Network for mobilization matters, and Brendan notes that Mobilization Dept. now has a team committed to Campaigns Council with the passing of tonight’s consent agenda
  • GND (Michael)
  • SOS (Doug)
    • Gary will boost the Freedom Plaza event on Saturday in the Weekend Update
      • Sign up link: Here
  • Defund MPD (Gary)
  • M4A (Gayatri)
  • Queer Section (Nate)
    • Upcoming Queer Section happy hour with AfroSoc and SocFem: link
  • SNS (David)
  • Internationalism
    • No one present to report tonight
  • Publications (Gary)

Abel: DSA is holding an event on July 7th about how to hold good meetings

New Business

July Campaign Fair (Lauren)

Mobilization (Lauren and Kareem)

Exec session began at 7:02pm