2021-12-7 Steering meeting minutes

08/31/2021 Steering Meeting

Facilitator: Stu

Secretary: Brendan

Location: Zoom

Declared absences: Karishma, Olivia, Lauren

Undeclared absences: N/A

Meeting came to order at 7:02 pm. Stu reads aloud the code of conduct and land acknowledgement. Asks for any amendments to the agenda.

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda modified to move Demilitarization coalition update (Alex) to the beginning of the Reports section approved

Consent agenda approved


  • Demilitarization coalition update (Alex)
  • Secretary Report (Brendan)
  • NoVA Branch (Eric S)
  • MoCo Branch (Olivia D)
  • PG Branch (Ralph)

Old Business

  • Convention Update (Kareem)
  • Steering Election Update (Stu)

New Business

Meeting went into exec session at 8:06pm ET