2021 Local Elections Candidates List

2021 Local Elections Candidates List

After the period of nominations and and confirming with the individual candidates, this is the final list of candidates for the 2021 Local Elections. The vote will take place by ballot following the May 23rd General Body Meeting.

All candidates and members are welcome to join the #2021-local-elections channel on slack to discuss the election.

Steering Committee Election

For At-Large Steeting Committee, there are nine candidates for eight seats.

Abel A.
Brian W
Irene K
Kareem E.
Philip B.
Runal D.
Saoirse Gowan
Stephanie G.
Stuart Karaffa

For Secretary there is one candidate for one seat.

Brendan G.

For Treasurer there is one candidate for one seat.

Lauren K.

For Campaigns Coordinator there is one candidate for one seat.

Kurtis H.

2021 DSA National Convention Delegate Election

For Convention Delegate, there are sixty-four candidates for forty-five delegate seats and nine alternate seats.

Abel A.
Ahmed S.
Alex H.
Andrew C
Andrew S
Anne Marie C
Ashik Siddique
Ben Davis
Brad C.
Brendan G.
Brian W.
Caleb W
Carl Goldman
Carl R.
Chad O.
Chip Gibbons
Conor Arpwel
David W.
Diego J
Doug T.
Eric S
Frankie SF
Gabriel R.
Gary Z.
Gayatri S
Henry E.
Irene K.
Jacci S.
Jana S.
Jim L.
Jonah F
Josh A
Kaiser F
Kareem E.
Katlyn C
Kristen B
Kurtis H.
Lauren K.
Marge McLaughlin
Marie L.
Mauro G.
Michael B
Michael M.
Michael S
Mike H
nat s.
Nikko B
Paola S
Philip B
Rachel B
Runal D
Ryan Mosgrove
Sam N
Saoirse Gowan
Shannon T
Stephanie G
Steve C
Stuart Karaffa
Thomas C
Tim Zhu
Zack M
Zoe P
Zuhayr A