Campaigns Council Notes, October 24


Kurtis - forum for wg connections, knowledge sharing, and cooperation

Rachel - sharing what the chapter has to offer and best practices

Meeting frequency and modes of communication:

Monthly or bimonthly in the chat.

Kristen notes that it’s important to have meeting discipline to maintain the life of meetings.

Rachel is curious about how connected between meeting folks will be.

Chad notes that it’s important to establish a purpose of meeting to guide meeting frequency.

Woody brings up that previous CC had reporting requirements

David W echoes the importance of share-backs for coordination. Encourages folks to come with questions.

Ryan echoes David. Keep meetings relevant and integral to work by coordinating with others. Ability to solicit feedback from broader campaigns.

Chris: “I also think more campaigns are doing DC legislative stuff, so that’s something that would benefit from coordination”

Kristen and Eric want to continue meeting over Zoom

Brendan echoes Ryan. Would like to see reporting metrics and goals of campaigns.

Eric recommends that we keep campaigns council meetings virtual.

Gary highlights the importance of the weekly update. It’s as useful insofar as it captures what’s happening in the chapter for widespread viewing

Kristen - meeting in person and zoom is a good option, but wants to make sure zoom folks aren’t pushed to the wayside.

Sam: “Email+Slack, but email for more announcements and asks, Slack for back and forth”

Woody: “NB individual WG reports don’t have to take up lots of meeting time… check-ins can be submitted pre-meeting in writing and CC members can ask questions based on the submissions.”

Rachel thinks there’s value in verbally speaking and making space for reports.

Eric feels caught in the middle b/c they don’t feel there should be an obligation for reporting if wgs don’t have anything to report. Wants to avoid a whole meeting of report after report after report.

Sam believes most reports would not be read beforehand. Believes that the difference can be split, submit ahead time and verbalize topline items.

David doesn’t believe sharing reports needs to be a big ordeal, share what you have. Use time at the end of the report for requests from the wider group.

Ryan notes that written reports can be of benefit to newer members as exec reports. Thinks focus should be on folks’ needs. Audience of the CC should be those that are leading or heavily involved in organizing work. Space for high level conversations. Serve as “engine room”

Chris wants to use space to identify targets and allies

Chad agrees with Ryan. CC started as a straight reportback. Thinks we need to think deeply about how this can benefit.

Kristen: “Report could be “top three” updates. In bullet-point form. If it’s too much work people may skip the meeting out of embarrassment of not submitting a report.”

Ryan: “I think it;s also a good space to be candid about long term vision and also challenges”

Woody: “Bringing a rising activist in your WG to a Council meeting can be a good rung climb experience.”

Renny thinks CC might be able to act as a channel for new members to trade new members along wgs. Spread talent around.


Sam (Labor) - New structure, 5 chairs. 2 co-chairs (Sam Nelson and Jonah Furman), solidarity chair (Carl Goldman), Worker Organizing Chair (Caleb Weaver), Education Chair (Conor Arpwel). General things: educational programs on things like how to organize your workplace and workplace rights. Aiming for end of Nov to be offered to jump in membership. Few folks working with Defund wg on police union contract. ASCME campaign gaining steam. 11/19 next meeting

Chris (Defund) - Restructuring: Research, Action, Internal organizing, and a few others. Finished 10/23 letter writing campaign for reform bills. Testimony in support of coalition demands. Letter writing campaign launching soon about police unions contract renewal (with BLM DC). Figuring out if they’re doing emergency push against reroute of money to cops for trump protests. Might expect to see a push within the next 14 days. Presented to coalition a draft schedule and plan for budget fight 21-22 budget. Looking for coalition by-in. Setting structure for what that campaign will look like. Defund MPD WG is also doing a post-election set of trainings on relational organizing

Michael (EcoSoc) - Recent to MDC DSA . Handed off leadership from Sebastian and Jake Hess. Two main focuses: We Power DC campaign and Green New Deal Campaign - going into 2021 thinking about how ecosoc group orients around it whatever political climate might look like. Build up internal organizing. WePowerDC meets Tues at 6pm and ecosocialist WG is meeting following election TBD (main purpose to discuss strategy/capacity of 2021 GND) Needs: connecting with folks.

David (M4A) - working with nightschool to put up event 11/23rd on healthcare. Working with local advocacy and reps for a panel on that. Standing up reading group as entry point for wider public. Questions for the group: how to advertise events most effectively to wider public. Curious around streamlining way to connect new folks to wgs. Doing research of reps in DMV area for vulnerability who aren’t committed to M4A.

Gary (Electoral) - Filling in gaps for Ed and Mysiki campaigns. Boosting candidates to get elected and boost other campaigns.

Gary (pubs) - Developed series of graphics for insta. Boosting candidates and MDC DSA. Last post captured over 170 likes. Grew follower count to over 1k.

Frank (MoCo) - trying to figure out how to have wgs. Separating out work. Anti-Austerity is a main focus. Leading Against B campaign (national DSA endorsed). Shooting for less than 40% support. Pivot to legislative lobbying in Annapolis - tax the rich. Other wg is Defund MoCo police. Launched coalition last Saturday. If you have an event in MoCo, reach out! Debating emergency push to defend veto of tax giveout. Possibly making it a ballot question.

Eric (NoVa) - Tenant wg is canvassing people in apt complexes (expanding from Southern Towers). Researching buildings with high evictions. Getting know your rights out to those they can’t organize directly. Need additional help doing recruitment. MJ researching ICA facilities in VA. Getting into nitty-gritty of following the money, looking for weak spots to break contracts and weaken ICA. Support of Free Them All Coalition. Looking to support mutual aid networks in the region. Need help with recruitment for that work. New member orientation (15-20 folks) 10/24.

Doug (SOS) - Full time tenant organizing. No exact number on buildings to organize them. Halloween protest and march on Mayor Bowser. Looking for recruitment from buildings they’re organizing. Anti-eviction direct actions are of interest. Nothing recently, but did do them earlier this summer. May be speaking in front of MD Lawyers Guild about anti-eviction work. Supporting organizing efforts with weekly training calls.

Chad (MJWG) - Planned big campaign prior to Covid. Messed up plans, occupied in other spaces. Not done much during covid. Possibly coming back together to discuss future strategy. Interested in discussion of how COVID has impacted organizing.

Chad (Red Rabbits) - Protest security and training for internal support and external support. Promote safe actions. Helping SOS’s action on Saturday. Get in touch if you need support or would like to join that work. Red Sparrows at home keeping an eye on things

Adcom Resources:

Kristen - Piloting process for social media posts - Social Media Request slack channel. Advertises Action-Alert.

Ryan - AdCom is often a first point of contact for new members. Building out a system where members are quickly connected to resources and the know-how and know-what of the chapter. Trying to build-out pipeline to working groups. Manage social media, zoom call, emails, etc. The Chapter survey is being pushed to allow a quick assessment of folks’ skills and interests. Growth and Development department to help new wg leaders take advantage of resources available. RedDesk is the go-to place for adcom requests.

Kristen - ActionNetwork is a great resource for emails, can create targeted outreach for wgs. ActionNetwork has been stood up for RSVPs. ActionNetwork can be an effective tool for fundraisers. Public calendar is up on the website. New member orientation working towards regularlized. Always 3rd Sunday. Sunday after the GBM at 3:00pm on Zoom. Has a set of slides and all wgs are included.


Rachel - Plugging organizer training. Developing training programs for broader membership and also for Campaign Council. Will be interested in collecting feedback moving forward for pilots. Working with Chad to develop organizer specific training (beyond chapter focus). Broad organizer trainings that can be used anywhere. Relational organizing skills and how to run meetings and etc. Cohort style structure. Will not be live until probably 2021.

David: New semester, very interested in connecting with wgs/caucuses to integrate activites.