Candidate Endorsement Materials for the 2022 Primary Election Cycle

At least five chapter members have sponsored a resolution in favor of endorsing nine candidates running for office in Maryland and DC for the 2022 primary cycle. These candidates received a first read during the November 14 general body meeting.

Below are the endorsement resolutions and candidate questionnaires for all candidates under consideration, as well as recordings of Q&A sessions for those who have been interviewed. The full Chapter will vote on these endorsements electronically via OpaVote in the week after the December 11-12 convention. Chapter members will debate these endorsements during the convention.

Additional recordings:

Saqib Ali

Brandy Brooks

Adam Cunningham

Hi folks,

Additionall, MoCo Branch Secretary Susan R took excellent notes for the MoCo Q&A session, wanted to also share those:

Max Socol & Gabe Acevero

Adam Cunningham, Saqib Ali and Brandy Brooks