Carl R. Support for Resolution: 2022-06-GR05: Approve a School Board Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire


I strongly encourage the general body to vote for “Resolution: 2022-06-GR05: Approve a School Board Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire?”. This questionnaire strengthens our endorsement process greatly for our next round of applications, which is likely to include a number of school board candidates. It both ensures that we get candidates on the record about agreeing with our values, and gives them ample opportunity to address issues specific to the office they’re running for. That’s exactly what our endorsement questionnaires should do.

I also think it’s been a model process for writing such a questionnaire; there has been broad chapter engagement in the process, from our electoral organizers and chapter members who are teachers or involved with teachers’ unions, and I’d like to thank the comrades who led this process for their hard work.

I think we should follow this model moving forward—as we continue to improve our electoral organizing, we’ll need to think about more endorsements like this, and approving this one is a great start to setting our chapter up for success down the line.