General Body Meeting, March 14th

03/14/2021 General Body Meeting

General Body Meeting, March 14th

Facilitator: Paola S

Secretary: Ryan M



Introduction & Agenda

Meeting begins at 3:02 pm. Ali brings the meeting to order. Ali introduces the agenda as well as meeting guidelines.

Mingle & Welcome

We move to brief break out groups for introductions.

Secretary’s Report

Ryan M gives the Secretary Report. Adcom is working on developing a slack replacement, compiling results of the survey. The results of the February ballot were posted. The FY 2021 Budget was passed and the chapter voted to make Defund MPD, Stomp Out Slumlords, Green New Deal, and Labor priority campaigns. The steering committee finished appointing the Political Engagement Committee

Finance Report & Proposed

Brian W presents on the newly passed budget for FY 2021.

Branch, Working Group, and Caucus Updates

Branch updates

Montgomery County Branch

MDC DSA Slack: #montgomery-county | Email: to join our Community / Activist Listserv

Welcome our new steering committee: Ingrid F., Alessandro “Alex” Lee, Susan R., and Nicole Z.

Northern Virginia Branch

NoVA Migrant Justice Working Group

#FreeThemAll Coalition Actions

Research on VA detention centers

NoVA Tenant Organizing

Weekly planning meeting Wednesdays 5 PM

NoVA Member Mobilizers

Rolling out 1:1 Program

NoVA Labor Working Group (new!)

Prince George’s County Branch

Branch Elections

Nominations: until March 21

Voting: April 5 - 19


3/17: General Body Meeting

Guest Speaker: Bill Fletcher Jr.


“Race Is About More Than Discrimination”

4/7: Steering Meeting

Connect with us!

Slack: #prince-georges-branch


Twitter/IG: @pgcdsa

Priority Campaign updates

Labor (Sam N.)

PRO Act focused meeting on Tuesday 3/16 at 7:00pm

Alexandria Collective Bargaining Ordinance pushed to April

Next WOW March 31st at 7:00pm

Next LSS April 5th at 7:00pm (tent. Vendedoras Unidos)

Defund MPD (Runal D.)

We are working as part of the Defund MPD Coalition on two important campaigns:

The FOP Campaign: Pushing for reform on the new contract for Fraternal Order of the Police (the police union)

If you haven’t signed the letter, do so today here!

The FY22 Budget Cycle Campaign: emphasizing the necessity to defund MPD in the DC Council’s FY22 budget.

There is a lot of work to be done on both of these campaigns, and many ways to plug in. Join us at our next Defund MPD Working Group Monthly Meeting to learn how you can get involved on March 21, 6:00- 7:30pm. RSVP here!

And/ or, fill out this form to plug into MDC DSA’s ongoing work.

Green New Deal (Michael B.)

Organizing Committee


At the March meeting, open nominations for joining OC

End of the following week, announce nominees

At April meeting, nominees present to the campaign on their vision

Over the following week, hold election (for any competitive spots) with Google Form ballots sent to anyone who attended a chapter ecosocialist event in the past year

This initial term would be until December


GND Campaign Co-Chairs

We Power DC Co-Leads

PRO Act Co-Leads

Political Education Co-Leads

Internal Organizing Co-Leads

Branch Co-Leads (PG, MoCo, NoVA)

Political Engagement Committee (Stuart K.)

Voting members of the Political Engagement Committee (PEC) are below:

Stuart K, Chair (Steering member, DC resident)

Irene K (Steering member, DC resident)

Paola S (Steering member, DC resident)

Brad C (non-Steering member, Virginia resident)

Nicole Z (non-Steering member, Maryland resident)

Medicare-for-All Working Group (Chase M. or Sarah G.)

Campaigning for Medicare for All

M4A reintroduced in House 3/17, ~108 co-sponsors

Passing city council resolutions in support of M4A

Pushing for Health Justice Initiatives in the DMV

Organizing for vaccine distribution equity in DC

Support hearing on DC maternal health bill 3/29

Get Involved!

Weekly Organizing Meeting: Sundays at 5pm (today!)

Vaccine Outreach sign-up:

Join the #m4a Slack channel

DSA for Karishma (David W.)

DSA has knocked over 1300 doors


Saturdays 10 AM/2 PM

Sundays 11 AM


Thursdays 5:30 PM

Sundays 2 PM

Online canvasser and issues training in 2 weeks!

Slack: #karishma4va

Socialist Feminist Caucus (Alexandra S. or Marie C.)

Next Reading Group:

March 27, Saturday, 2 pm ET

Until Black Women Are Free, None of Us Will Be Free By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Aren’t socialism and feminism sometimes in conflict? By Nicole Aschoff

RSVP on MDC DSA Meetup:

Planning for Abortion Fund-A-Thon!

Socialist Night School (David K.)

Greenbelt, MD: A New Deal Experiment in Social Housing, with Frankie Santos Fritz

Monday, March 15, 2021- 6:30-8:30 pm.

RSVP: Greenbelt, MD: A New Deal Experiment in Social Housing | Socialist Night School | Meetup

Eugene V. Debs with Shawn Gude


Publications (Gary Z.)

#publications channel on Slack

Next Meeting 3/20 - 11:00 AM

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Open Question Time and Meeting Closing

Meeting adjours at 5:06 pm.