May GBM Ballot Results

Ballots were sent out for the May GBM on Monday, May 24th and remained open until 11:59pm Thursday, May 27. 3698 members received a ballot, with 369 casting a vote. The May ballot contained two elections and three resolutions. These results were certified by the Internal Elections Department.

Metro DC Steering Committee

The MDC DSA Steering Committee consists of 3 officers positions and 8 at large positions. All candidates were required to be members of MDC DSA in good standing and to receive 5 nominations in order to be eligible to run. The 3 officer positions were all uncontested and will be elected by acclamation under our standing rules. There were 9 candidates for the remaining 8 at large seats. The results are as follows:

Abel A.

Brendan G. (Secretary)

Brian W

Irene K

Kareem E.

Kurtis H. (Campaigns Coordinator)

Lauren K. (Treasurer)

Runal D.

Saoirse Gowan

Stephanie G.

Stuart Karaffa

Because of bylaw changes the membership approved at the MDC DSA Local Convention in December, this Steering Committee will serve an abbreviated term until December, where the membership will elect a new Steering at our Local Convention which will serve a usual 12 month term.

2021 DSA National Convention Delegation

Delegates were apportioned by the National Office proportional to a chapters size and we were allocated 45 delegate seats and 9 alternate seats. There were 64 candidates running for these seats. The top 45 vote getters were appointed as delegate and the top 9 runners up appointed as alternates. The results are as follows (* indicates alternates):

Abel A.

Ahmed S.*

Alex H.

Andrew C

Anne Marie C

Ashik Siddique

Ben Davis

Brad C.

Brendan G.

Brian W.

Caleb W

Carl Goldman

Chad O.

Chip Gibbons

Conor Arpwel

David W.

Diego J

Doug T.

Frankie SF

Gary Z.

Gayatri S

Henry E. *

Irene K.

Jacci S. *

Jana S. *

Jonah F

Josh A *

Kaiser F

Kareem E.

Katlyn C *

Kristen B

Kurtis H.

Lauren K.

Marge McLaughlin

Marie L.

Mauro G.

Michael B

Michael S

Mike H

nat s.

Nikko B

Paola S

Rachel B

Runal D

Ryan Mosgrove

Sam N

Saoirse Gowan

Shannon T *

Stephanie G *

Stuart Karaffa

Thomas C *

Tim Zhu

Zack M

Zuhayr A


The membership also considered three resolutions at the May GBM. All resolutions received a first and second read and required only a simple majority vote to pass. The results are as follows:

Resolution 21-05-R01, with 255 votes in favor, 19 against, and 74 abstentions the motion passes with a majority vote.

Resolution 21-05-R02, with 234 votes in favor, 66 against, and 49 abstentions the motion passes with a majority vote.

Resolution 21-05-R04, with 297 votes in favor, 11 against, and 45 abstentions the motion passes with a majority vote.

This concludes the the results for the May General Body Meeting Ballot. Thank you to all the candidates and all the members who authored resolutions, and to everyone who voted. Special thanks to the Internal Elections Department volunteers for their work in managing and certifying this election. A breakdown of the results will be sent out via OpaVote to all members.