Member Statements on 2023-03-GRX: Soccer Sundays or Resolution for a Regular Social Event

Member statements on 2023-02-GRX: Soccer Sundays or Resolution for a Regular Social Event

IN FAVOR by Aparna R.

I hope you vote yes to allocate this funding for a regular soccer/ outdoor social event. I think this is a great trial run to start doing some more outdoor/ COVID-safe social events while the weather is nice, and a great opportunity for us to have social events that aren’t based around alcohol or happy hours. Even if members don’t enjoy playing soccer (like me lol) it will still be a great opportunity to hang out, bring/ eat some good food, and get to know other chapter members. I plan on still attending and am really looking forward to having a more informal setting for us all to get together!

IN FAVOR by Stu K.

I hope fellow members of Metro DC DSA vote YES on the Soccer Sundays resolution! As a six-year member of Metro DC DSA, one of my goals has always been to establish some type of regular, outdoor chapter social that’s accessible to all. I unfortunately have never really been able to coordinate such an event, which is why I was very glad to see nat s. and Jake W. bring this proposal to last Sunday’s chapter general body meeting. I believe the resolution as written offers our chapter to put the right amount of resources behind a small number of events—so that we’re not overly extending ourselves—while also ambitious enough to really set the bar high. I look forward to seeing fellow members at these events! Vote YES on this resolution.