Member Statements on 2023-08-GR14: Disclosure of Chapter HGO Reports

This is a thread of member statements on the proposed resolution “Disclosure of Chapter HGO Reports

IN FAVOR by Alex M.T. (They/her)

Hello Comrades, It’s my belief that this resolution is one we need to support. A problem in our Chapter has been accessibility. Although not malicious, important information can sometimes not be reported back to the membership or will be temporarily reported on a platform like Slack or Twitter, that we might lose sight of as the years go by. HGO Annual Reports are a vital piece of information that we need to have at our disposal if we want to assess the effectiveness of our Chapter’s HGO program. Without them, we may just be repeating the same set of mistakes over and over again every year, which is not something we want to do with a program as important as dealing with harassment and abuse within the Chapter. Join me in voting yes on this vital resolution. In Solidarity & Cooperation, Alex MT