Member statements on BA4: Update to Working Group Reporting Requirements

This is the thread of member statements about BA4: Update to Working Group Reporting Requirements

Statement from Aparna R. IN FAVOR of the resolution:

My name’s Aparna, and I’m the chair of the Steering Committee. I am voting for BA4 and encourage you to do the same. Our working groups, sections, and branches do a lot of vital work, and I think it’s important for us as an organization to have structures that encourage coordination across the chapter, while also making sure that those structures are useful for people. It’s become clear over the past few years that while the quarterly Steering/ Campaigns Council meetings are useful, the quarterly reports from chapter formations create a much bigger burden, and members and formations don’t get enough use out of the reports to justify the burden. By maintaining the quarterly meeting cadence, the working groups and Steering will still be able to meet on a regular basis for information sharing and cross-chapter coordination. BA4 will maintain that while also adapting the reporting requirement to something more sustainable for working groups.