Member Statements on ER2: Endorse Max Socol – Maryland State Senate, District 18

Statements from chapter members in favor and against ER2: Endorse Max Socol – Maryland State Senate, District 18 will be posted in this thread.

Statements will be accepted as they are received, until the deadline of 8:00 pm ET on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

Statement from Saqib A - IN FAVOR - regarding ER2: Endorse Max Socol

I don’t know Max Socol very well, but from what I have observed from far is that he is a shrewd campaigner who has gotten his campaign off the ground and rolling in a short amount of time. That’s no small task. He is already showing strong grassroots support. I do know that Max Socol’s policy priorities are in the right place. He is a committed believer in racial justice, social justice and economic fairness – exactly the kind of person Maryland’s State Senate needs more of.

Statement from Stephen M - IN FAVOR - regarding ER2: Endorse Max Socol

Max Socol is overqualified to replace do-nothing Jeff in the Maryland Sentate.

Statement from Alex B - IN FAVOR - regarding ER2: Endorse Max Socol

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Max as a comrade now for a few years & I’m in constant awe of his commitment to our ideals, his tirelessness, & steadfast pursuit of justice in everything he sets out to do. As a fellow parent myself, my amazement is amplified even more that he is so dedicated to our struggle all while he and his partner are raising 2 young kids. I have no doubt in my mind that Max will bring our struggle to the forefront if he wins this election. We must do everything we can to make this a reality.

Statement from Brandy B - IN FAVOR - regarding ER2: Endorse Max Socol

As a District 18 resident in Montgomery County, I an so glad and so proud that Max is running for our state senate seat! I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of knowing Max as a colleague and friend for the past 4 years. He’s a committed socialist organizer in the persistent pursuit of justice. He operates in community spaces with compassion, integrity, and boldness. We desperately need his leadership in the Maryland General Assembly, and his race is a huge opportunity for Metro DC DSA to continue to show that we have the political strength to flex against incumbents. The MoCo branch is firmly behind Max; I hope that our chapter colleagues across the region will join us in our support of him!

Statement from Stu K - IN FAVOR - regarding ER2: Endorse Max Socol

I’m in favor of endorsing Max Socol. My rationale is two-fold:

–Max is facing an opponent that has drawn the ire of not only DSA members living in the district, but also a much broader progressive/labor base that has quickly formed up in a coalition to support Max. As we’ve seen from previous chapter-endorsed campaigns, having an opponent with whom to draw a clear contrast is key not only to winning, but also to drawing volunteers.

–Max’s district is accessible in that there are Metro stops available for members who live far away, along with the fact that (to my knowledge) there is a relatively high density of chapter members. Both have been important characteristics of past elections where our chapter’s endorsed candidates have either won or come close to winning.

Max is a comrade through-and-through, and will be a vital ally and friend to our chapter in the Maryland senate. I hope we can support him to victory.