Member Statements on ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero for Maryland House of Delegates, District 39

Statements from chapter members in favor and against ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero for Maryland House of Delegates, District 39 will be posted in this thread.

Statements will be accepted as they are received, until the deadline of 8:00 pm ET on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

Statement from Max S - IN FAVOR - regarding ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero

For the past four years, Del. Gabe Acevero has made our MoCo branch very proud with his leadership on some of the toughest issues in our state, particularly union rights and police reform. During that time, even when he was under intense attack from law enforcement interests, Gabe has consistently engaged with our branch, attending member meetings, encouraging our organizing, and working behind the scenes as well to guide our efforts.

Gabe has taken it upon himself to be the face of police reform efforts in Maryland, which are ongoing and need to go much further. That is a heavy burden and he needs and deserves our continued support as a chapter. I am also excited to learn more about legislation he mentioned in his candidate interview to establish a process for a state level Green New Deal.

I urge all comrades to support this resolution as he is a tried and true leader in our movement and an active member of our organization. Let’s show the political establishment in Maryland that our leaders are too strong for them to shut down.

Statement from Saqib A - IN FAVOR - regarding ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero

Gabriel Acevero is a proven champion of working people. He is not a puppet of the powerful, monied interests that dominate our politics and economy. He fought to put police reform front-and-center in Maryland Politics long before it was popular. And he got Anton’s Law passed. He is a strong campaigner. DSA should re-endorse Delegate Gabriel Acevero!

Statement from Brandy B - IN FAVOR - regarding ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero

In addition to being a friend and fashion icon, Gabe Acevero is one of my political heroes. Over the past 3 years, I have watched him act with such fierce boldness to advance legislation in the Maryland General Assembly to protect our communities from police violence, support safe and affordable housing for all Maryland residents, and so much more. Gabe isn’t afraid to do what’s right, no matter how much pressure he faces to do what’s easier and safer. He’s skillfully able to navigate the politics of our county and deeply understands the interests and needs of his constituents. Gabe is an exceptional organizer and committed to building the power of our communities. It’s essential that we put Metro DC DSA’s political strength behind him to ensure that he wins re-election; when leaders throw down for our communities, we need to throw down for them.

Statement from Stu K - IN FAVOR - regarding ER3: Endorse Gabriel Acevero

I’m voting in favor of this endorsement. Delegate Acevero has been such a great example of the organizer-in-office model during his past three years in office. It’s clear that his bold actions in office have upset the powers that be, and we need to be there to defend Gabe’s ability–and the ability of DSA electeds everywhere–to push the envelop on legislation. We can provide that level of cover by endorsing Gabe and putting in the work to get the word out about Gabe.