Member Statements on ER5: Endorse Brandy Brooks for Montgomery County Council, At-Large

Statements from chapter members in favor and against ER5: Endorse Brandy Brooks for Montgomery County Council, At-Large will be posted in this thread.

Statements will be accepted as they are received, until the deadline of 8:00 pm ET on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

Statement from Max S - IN FAVOR - IN FAVOR - regarding Resolution ER5: Endorse Brandy Brooks

Since her first run for local office in 2018, Brandy Brooks has risen to “iconic” status as a progressive leader in Montgomery County, all while being an active member of our DSA branch. I am very lucky to call Brandy a friend, colleague, and mentor, and I urge all MDC DSA comrades to support Brandy’s endorsements for the following reasons:

  • Brandy is a completely different sort of political leader than anyone we have on our County Council. She is a community organizer who understands the centrality of power, and specifically the power of organized people, in the political system. Far too many politicians and activists in our county see politics solely through the lens of technocratic policy and top-down structures. Brandy can go toe to toe with anyone on policy debates, but to her those debates are secondary to the fundamentally political questions of who is in the room, who is being listened to, and who controls the final decisions.

  • Brandy is a committed democratic socialist whose vision of Montgomery County is one where the people overcome white supremacy and big money interests to establish democratic guarantees to homes, healthcare, a clean environment, good paying jobs, and an end to police violence.

  • Brandy knows firsthand what it is like to struggle in our county. She is a Black woman, a renter, and a working class person who has to rely on many of our disinvested and broken public systems. She stands apart from the many businessmen, lawyers, lobbyists, and landlords who typically dominate our local politics.

  • Brandy’s campaign is serious and organized. She is one of the fundraising frontrunners in the public financing system, she has a brilliant staff, a large volunteer base, and her campaign is actively engaging renters and working class voters in MoCo every single day.

As a Montgomery County resident and a committed DSA member active in many of our working groups and campaigns, I have total confidence in Brandy’s leadership and in the ability of this race to build our organizational power. Thank you for supporting one of our own!

Statement from Saqib A - IN FAVOR - regarding Resolution ER5: Endorse Brandy Brooks

Brandy Brooks is a PROVEN champion working people, renters, racial minorities, the under-represented and all people for whom the current political/economic system just isn’t working. She is battle tested by running an excellent campaign county-wide in 2018. And she has a very good chance of prevailing in 2022. MetroDC Chapter of DSA should unequivocally endorse Brandy Brooks!

Statement from Stu K - IN FAVOR - regarding Resolution ER5: Endorse Brandy Brooks

I’m in favor of this endorsement. Brandy Brooks and our chapter came out of no where in 2018 to build one of the strongest organizing-centric campaigns in what was a roller coaster of democratic primary for MoCo Council. The MoCo branch has only become stronger since 2018, and Brandy has remained engaged with communities in the county (not to mention with our chapter). We’ve got a real shot with Brandy’s campaign to swing the MoCo Council left.