Metro DC 2020 Local Convention

Metro DC DSA will hold our bi-annual local convention on December 13th. Below are the proposals which were submitted within the deadline.


The deadline to propose amendments to these proposals is by 11:59 pm on Friday, December 11th.

Resolution 20-12-R01
Prince George’s County Branch Approval

Resolution 20-12-R02
Adopting Gender Inclusive Language as a Chapter

Resolution 20-12-R03
Annual Financial Commitment to Indigenous Sovereignty

Resolution 20-12-R04
Resolution to Hold an Endorsement Vote for Karishma Mehta, candidate for Virginia’s 49th District in the House of Delegates

Bylaw Amendment 20-12-A01
Metro DC DSA Bylaws Revision Commission Report & Proposed Bylaws

Bylaw Amendment 20-12-A011
Amendment to Bylaws Section 3.1.1 – Resolution Process

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Amendments submitted before 11:59 pm on Friday, December 11.

Bylaw Amendment 20-12-A012
Adding Sections Formations to Bylaws