MoCo Branch Special Steering Committee Election Candidate Statements

MoCo Comrades,

With the resignation of Branch Steering Committee member Tim W., the Montgomery County Branch Steering Committee opened nominations for new steering committee members.

The branch steering committee received two nominations for two candidates. The branch by-laws allow “at least five members” of the branch steering committee. If elected, these candidates would serve until February 2023.

You can find each candiate’s statement below.

Frankie SF

Hi Comrades, my name is Frankie Santos Fritz (any pronouns) and I live in Downtown Silver Spring. I have served on the Metro DC chapter and Montgomery County Branch steering committees, and it is my great honor to have been founding member and serve as chair of our branch. I’ve been a labor, electoral, and environmental justice organizer for the past 9 years in the DMV area. I’ve worked for three Metro DC endorsed candidates, and as chair launched our campaign against Ballot Question B. If elected to finish out this branch steering term, I would be ready to help win our rent stabilization campaign in the County and would like to build out our capacity to win victories for the working and recruit and run socialist candidates in Upcounty and East County.

Max Socol

DSA has been my political home since I joined at the end of 2016. It takes a lot of volunteer work to keep an organization like ours strong and I’d like to take my turn doing some of that work. My background is in political organizing and over the years I have helped our branch lead multiple campaigns, I think I have some of the right skills to help lead our branch for the upcoming term. My focus will be on developing member leadership, especially in the areas of housing, decarceration/abolition, and the nuts and bolts of organizing.