Montgomery County Branch Steering Statement IN FAVOR of Resolution 2022-04-GR01

We urge all MDC DSA members to approve this resolution. The reports that we received during the special MDC DSA steering committee meeting last week and the details in the Washington Post article are serious enough that it would be inconsistent with our values to continue to support Brandy Brooks’ campaign.

We say all of this with deep, deep sadness – our Branch supported Brandy’s endorsement for this cycle and we were genuinely excited by the possibility of having a comrade on the Montgomery County Council and someone who would push for rent control and police accountability in Montgomery County. All of us and many Montgomery County Branch members were deeply invested in Brandy’s campaign – Branch members knocked on hundreds of doors for Brandy this cycle, donated thousands of dollars across both the 2022 and 2018 cycles, made phone calls and more. We do not take this decision to withdraw the chapter’s endorsement lightly and we feel deeply for all of the many comrades in the Montgomery County Branch who were heavily invested in Brandy’s campaign as well.

  • Montgomery County Branch Steering Committee (Nicole Z, Olivia D, Susan R, Krista L, Tim W)