Resolution 2021-06-R03: Standardize Record Keeping

The resolution passed. 10 members voted in favor, with Irene not voting.

Therefore, be it resolved, all future posts of minutes, reports, statements, and resolutions on the Member Portal ( shall use a standardized titling system as

YYYY-MM-DD General Body Meeting Minutes
YYYY-MM-DD Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
YYYY-MM-DD Steering Committee Statement on [short title]
YYYY-MM-DD Financial Report
YYYY Finance Committee Proposed Budget
YYYY Steering Committee Recommended Budget
YYYY Budget
YYYY-MM-DD Administrative Committee Meeting Minutes
YYYY-MM-DD Publications Traffic and Data Report
YYYY-MM-DD Member Statement(s)
YYYY Local Convention Meeting Minutes
Resolution YYYY-MM-RXX[–XX]: [add short title if being considered alone];

  1. Further resolved, that the Secretary shall create a new category on the Member Portal titled “Resolutions” and other such categories and tags as they see fit to keep the portal well organized and orderly.