Steering Committee Election Kickoff & Local Convention Dates


The next month will be pivotal for the future of Metro DC DSA and the democratic socialist movement in our region. Over the coming weeks, our DSA chapter will hold an internal election for the chapter’s Steering Committee. We will also host our local convention, where we will hear from candidates to endorse for the 2022 primary election cycle, debate and possibly adopt changes to our chapter’s bylaws, and vote on chapter-wide resolutions.

In short, the decisions we make collectively through these processes will shape our chapter for years to come. Please see below for more information on both the Steering Committee election and our local convention.

Metro DC DSA Steering Committee Election

Every year the chapter directly elects an 11-person Steering Committee, composed of three directly elected officers (Secretary, Treasurer, and Campaigns Coordinator), and eight at-large members. After the election, each new Steering Committee cohort elects a chair from among the eight at-large members. As noted in our chapter’s bylaws, the Steering Committee is “the highest elected body of MDC DSA and is the political leadership of the chapter when the membership is not assembled.”

As of today, our chapter is kicking off the Steering Committee election process. The chapter’s Internal Elections Facilitation Department will coordinate and administer this election, and they have provided the following information.

How do I run for the Steering Committee?

According to the chapter’s standing election rules, to become a candidate for Steering Committee, you will need to secure five nominations from other chapter members and be a member of the chapter in good standing. Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 1.

To nominate someone for the Metro DC DSA Steering Committee, submit the nomination form here.

You are allowed to submit as many nominations as you want, but you cannot submit multiple nominations for the same nominee.

What are important dates to keep in mind?

Please see below for a list of important dates and deadlines during the Steering Committee election.

  • Steering election begins. Monday, November 22. Official kick off of the Steering Committee election. Chapter members can begin submitting nominations for Steering candidates. Slack channel for electioneering and discussion opens.

  • Close nominations. Wednesday, December 1. Nominations period closes. Chapter members continue to engage in discussion with Steering candidates.

  • Nomination acceptance deadline. Saturday, December 4. Deadline for chapter members with at least five nominations to accept their candidacy for the Steering Committee.

  • Candidate forum. Monday, December 6, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET. Internal Elections Facilitation Department hosts a candidate forum for all Steering Committee candidates. This date and time is subject to candidate availability.

  • Local convention address. Saturday, December 11. First day of the chapter’s local convention. Steering Committee candidates each have an opportunity to address convention attendees.

  • Begin voting. Monday, December 13. Internal Elections Facilitation Department sends out email ballots for the election via OpaVote.

  • Finish voting. Friday, December 17. OpaVote ballot closes at 11:59 p.m. ET. Results are announced to the chapter and publicly shortly thereafter.

Are there any rules for electioneering?

Yes, our chapter maintains electioneering rules for Steering Committee elections in the chapter’s standing rules on internal elections.

If you observe a possible violation of the electioneering rules, please message any member of the Internal Elections Facilitation Department on Slack: @/Marie L, Marie, They/Fae/She, SocFem Steward; Ali T, @/Ali T; or Gary Z, @/gary zZz (he/him). You can also send an email to

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have questions about the Steering Committee election, you can email or post in the #dec-2021-convention-steering-election channel on the chapter’s Slack platform.

Metro DC DSA Local Convention

In conjunction with the Steering Committee election, our chapter will also host our annual local convention on the weekend of December 11-12. At the convention, chapter members will debate endorsements for the 2022 primary elections, proposed changes to our chapter’s bylaws, and other chapter-wide resolutions.

Read on for detailed information about the local convention.

Why should I participate in the local convention?

As our DSA chapter is a democratic, member-led, and member-funded organization, we are only as strong as the level of member input and involvement in our collective work. The chapter’s annual local convention is the best way to ensure we hear every voice when deciding changes to our priorities or democratic structures.

Is there something about our chapter that you would like to change? Consider submitting an amendment to the chapter’s bylaws or a proposal for a chapter-wide resolution.

To submit a bylaw amendment or other resolution to be considered during the local convention, please complete the form at this link by Sunday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

How can I participate as a delegate in the local convention?

According to our chapter’s bylaws, all members in good standing as of 30 days before the convention are eligible to participate as delegates at local conventions. Therefore, chapter members will need to have been a DSA member in good standing on or before November 11, 2021 to be a voting delegate at the convention.

Regarding logistics, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the convention will take place via Zoom. Information about delegate registration will be released shortly. Delegates are encouraged to register ahead of the convention, but there will be a same-day registration option available in the morning both days of convention.

When is the convention taking place and what are other important dates?

To prevent convention burnout, the local convention will be split across both days during the weekend of December 11-12. The convention schedule is still subject to change based on the number of agenda items received, but currently, the plan is for Saturday to be a half day agenda (~3-4 hours) and Sunday to be a full day agenda (~7 hours). Debate on resolutions will occur on both days, but live voting will only occur on Sunday.

Please see below for a more detailed list of important dates and deadlines to be aware of for the local convention.

  • Convention business deadline. Sunday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Deadline to submit resolutions, bylaw amendments, and all other business to be considered at convention. Submit convention agenda items using this form.

  • Amendment submission deadline. Tuesday, December 7 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Deadline to submit amendments to any convention items of business.

  • Convention bulletin. Wednesday, December 8. Convention bulletin is published and distributed to all chapter members. Bulletin includes convention agenda and all scheduled business.

  • Convention day #1. Saturday, December 11, half-day. First day of local convention. Major agenda items will likely include a final address from all candidates in the Steering Committee election and debates on candidate endorsement resolutions.

  • NOTE: There will not be live voting on Saturday, as both the Steering Committee election and votes on candidate endorsements will occur via emailed OpaVote ballots to all chapter members.

  • Tentative convention social(s). Saturday, December 11, evening. Depending on weather and the ability to ensure the health and safety of chapter members, there may be a single chapter social event or social events across the region for all chapter members to attend.

  • Convention day #2. Sunday, December 12, full-day. Second day of local convention. Major agenda items will likely include debate and voting on: chapter priorities, annual budget, bylaw amendments, and other resolutions.

  • NOTE: There will be live voting on Sunday for all agenda items.

Who can I contact with questions about the convention?

If you have any questions or you would like to volunteer to help make convention a success, please reach out to @/Kareem E. or post in the #dec-2021-convention-steering-election channel on Slack. You can also send questions via email to and