Steering Committee, March 30

03/30/2021 Steering Meeting

Steering Committee, March 30

Facilitator: Irene

Secretary: Ryan M

Attending: Kurtis, Ryan, Tim, Brian, Ali, Alex H, Frankie, Rachel, Stu, Paola, Tom B., Irene, Saoirse, Alex L



Minutes + Agenda

Meeting came to order at 7:02 pm. Irene reads aloud the code of conduct and land acknowledgement. Asks for any amendments to the agenda. Agenda is approved without objection. Minutes are adopted as amended without objection.


Secretary Report (Ryan M)

Ryan reports on the work of Adcom. Hunter reports on the work of the slack overhaul. Continuing to work with members and do tests around usability.

Treasurer Report (Brian W)

Brain delivers the treasurer’s report. Rollout of approved budget goint well. Reach out to him if you have questions.

NOVA Branch Report (Andrew C)

Andrew C reports on the work of the NoVa branch. Continuing work on tenants organizing and various internal member projects. Working with Adcom to adopt their mobilization program.

MoCo Branch (Alex L)

Frankie gives an update on Alex’s behalf. Advisory committee meeting to discuss legislative priorities. Working with Del. Gabe Acevero around police reform in Maryland Legislature.

PG County Branch (Zuhayr)

Work going on around keeping the courts virtual. Branch elections ramping up. Will be holding a virtual candidate forum for the election. Holding a teach in on PRO Act and lessons from the labor/environmental movement in Latin America.

Campaigns Council Joint Session (Kurtis)

Kurtis delivers a report for Q1 on the work of the Campaigns Council. One of the main trends are campaigns wanting to know how they can get more support from Adcom, which Kurtis will be working with Lauren and Ryan on. Over 50 people currently involved in our active campaigns, and campaigns have done a great job of focusing on both medium and long term goals.

Old Business

Convention Planning (Ryan)

Ryan presents the draft standing rules on internal elections. This document is a combination of the previous standing rules for Steering and delegate elections. Ryan moves Steering adopt these standing rules and set a deadline of April 21st for delegate and Steering Committee nominations as well as applications for the Internal Elections Department. Motion is seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Plan of Work (Brian)

Brian names and shames all the steering members who have not done their plan of work sections. All steering members with outstanding sections that need submission are encouraged to do so as Brian works on completing the document.

HGO Selection Process (Rachel)

Rachel reports on the work of the HGO committee process.

Joint Letter Legal Aid (Stu)

Stuart motivates signing on to a joint letter for legal aid. Motion is seconded and passes unanimously.

New Business

PRO Act/May Day planning (Kurtis)

Time set aside to discuss planning for May Day and the overall PRO Act campaign. Virginia chapters are circulating a petition to call on Mark Warner to vote for the PRO act and plans to deliver the petition to his house. Coordinating with the Virginia CLC around that.

Meeting adjourns at 9:31 pm.