Steering Meeting Minutes 2023-01-03

Steering Meeting Minutes

Meeting Facilitator: Kareem E.
Meeting Secretary: Michael M

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Declared absences: Dieter
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7:00 pm - 7:15 pm
Financial Report (Tim S.) - not able to meet up w/ Lauren yet to give full report. Will meet with her soon to get access to all accounts.
Secretary Report (Michael M.) - Met w/ Stephanie for basic overview of how to use necessary platforms. Will be meeting w/ Stephanie and Noelle separately for more in depth training and transition of login credentials
NoVA Branch (Hector.) - Medicare4all met up in Alexandria and collected petition signatures (will share data once available). Branch meeting next Thursday. NOVA Defund WG has new leadership - wants to set up brake light clinic. Board game night at Clarendon Boardroom upcoming.
MoCo Branch (Susan R.) - Susan absent
PG Branch (Ralph) - Ralph absent, no updates
7:15 pm - 7:25 pm
Old Business
January GBM (Aparna R)
Full chapter business will be centered on leftover convention business
Need someone to chair
Secretary to create slides
Tentative date is January 22nd.

7:25 pm - 7:40 pm
New Business
Name the Chair of the15th Steering Committee(Kareem E)
Kareem nominated Aparna
Carl stack for
Philip stack for
Resolution passes by UC
Name the PEC Chair for the 2023 term (Carl R)
Kareem stack for
Bakari stack for
Motion passes by UC
Set the Steering Committee and General Body Meeting Schedule for 2023 (Aparna R)
Changed dates of meetings that fall on major holidays
New schedule passes by UC
Plan of Work and Portfolios (Aparna R)
14th Steering Committee Plan of Work
15th Steering Committee Plan of Work Template
15th Steering Committee Assignments
Dieter stack - Suggests adding a Vice Chair portfolio that’s meant to assist the Chair administratively
Carl stack - Branch delegates should consider which portfolios they’d like to be a second on. Iffy on Vice Chair position - wonders if other portfolios can fulfill this role and also worries about a perceived or actual succession of Chair
Aparna stack - New members should consider what portfolios they want to be secondary on. Iffy on Vice Chair position - most of those duties are already carried out by Secretary. Worried that having Vice Chair would concentrate labor and power just to two people. Chapter did have co-chairs at some point - curious what previous SC members would say.
Kareem stack - The chapter did have co-chairs before massive bylaws provisions. A lot of the duties that would be subsumed by a Vice Chair could be carried out by a Secretary who works cohesively w/ Chair. We don’t want fewer people responsible for more things.

7:40 pm - 9:00 pm

Executive Session


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Steering Meeting Minutes 2023-01-03