Welcome to MDC DSA's Member Portal

Welcome to the Metro DC DSA Member Portal.

This is a space where we will post important internal information such as meeting minutes, agendas, internal election information, reports, and so on. Our hope is that this will create a universal and accessible space for members to find all important chapter info. We will also be posting information in the usually spaces (such as slack and emails) but the hope is that this space can develop into a place for discussion as well.

While we are piloting the project in this initial phase members won’t be able to make accounts or post, only view posts. This is because we are still working on the infrastructure to be able to approve members and have adequate moderation. We will likely pilot those features in the coming months, probably with working groups first, and then scale up to ultimately incorporating all members.

For now though all internal info will be stored there, as well as cross posted to the slack and so on. Please feel free to come over to #steering if you have any questions about the portal or email secretary@mdcdsa.org.