2021-06-08 Steering meeting minutes

06/08/2021 Steering Meeting

Steering Committee, June 8

Facilitator: Irene

Secretary: Brendan G.

Location: Zoom

Attending: Abel A., Lauren Katz, Kareem Elrefai, Brendan G., Brian Wivell, Irene Koo, Kurtis, Runal Das, Saoirse Gowan, Stephanie G., Stuart Karaffa



Minutes + Agenda

Meeting came to order at 7:04 pm. Irene reads aloud the code of conduct and land acknowledgment. Asks for any amendments to the agenda. Abel motioned the Steering Chair election to be moved to the end of New Business. The motion was seconded by Brendan, but failed. The agenda is then approved. Minutes are adopted without objection.


Financial Report (Lauren)

In addition to the linked report, Brian Wivell adds that a letter has been sent to add Lauren to the bank account. Gabe and Brian will remain on the bank account because they are on Finance Committee – only these three people will have access.

Secretary Report (Brendan)

Brendan has been working with Lauren to protect major chapter platforms from credit card issues. Brendan put forth a motion to approve the purchase of three new Gmail accounts with Google Drive access ($12 per month, per account) for Red Desk, the Website team, and for Queer Section. Lauren motioned to add a fourth Gmail account purchase to this request on behalf of the Publications team, which was accepted without objection. The motion to purchase all four Gmail accounts was approved without objection.

Campaigns Council Report (Kurtis)

Kurtis asks everyone to respond to the poll he sent out requesting availabilities for a new Campaign Council meeting.

NOVA Branch Report (Alex H)

A Cannabis Justice Campaign is starting up statewide, as well as a potential Defund NOVA Police campaign in collaboration with La CollectiVA.

NOVA is starting an advisory committee in the model of MoCo’s, pulling in priority campaign leaders and building up future leaders within the chapter.

MoCo Branch (Alex L)

MoCo Branch just had a General Body Meeting on Saturday, Delegates Gabriel Acevero and Vaughn Stewart spoke about the 2021 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

Steering Committee has been working with the Elections Committee in preparation for the 2022 elections.

MoCo is currently working with NOVA on how to best approach housing work – whether a focus should be policy-oriented or organizing-oriented.

PG County Branch (Ralph)

Tomorrow (June 9): Congressman Anthony Brown (MD-04) and Dr. Sanjeev Sriram, MD, MPH will speak at a PG County Medicare for All event sponsored by the MD Progressive Healthcare Coalition, including PG County DSA.

PG County’s Steering Committee is coming up with a strategic planning document to figure out branch capacities, grow membership while keeping current ones engaged, and create longer-lasting working groups.

PG County is currently working with a local housing advocate on how the branch can best support their current work, as well as potentially establish a Housing working group.

Old Business

Checklist of tasks

Kurtis reminds members to check off tasks that have been completed using the linked checklist.

Campaign Fair (Lauren)

Lauren motions to push back the Campaign Fair to sometime in July-August. We want to ensure we are in the best position to guarantee attendance, and June is already very busy. The event would remain on Gather. Brian seconds, and the motion to delay the Campaign Fair is approved without objection.

New Business

Meeting Time Resolution (Stu)

This resolution maintains the current meeting times. Brian seconded the resolution, and it passed without objection.

PEC Chair Resolution (Stu)

Stuart nominated Irene for PEC Chair. The nomination was seconded by Stephanie and passed.

Portfolios (Kurtis)

As a general note, supporting language and portfolio plans will be further developed later on. The Electoral and Legislative portfolio will be decided at a later date, as the incoming PEC chair is in charge of recruiting and selecting the rest of the PEC who typically serve as those secondary members. The draft portfolio chart, with updated placements based on tonight’s discussions, is linked below.

Draft Portfolio Chart

Elect Chair for the 13 th Steering Committee

Stuart was nominated for Steering Committee Chair by Irene, and Saoirse seconded Irene’s nomination. Stuart Karaffa was elected Chair of the 13th MDC DSA Steering Committee by a unanimous vote.

Publication of Loomio Votes (Abel)

Irene suggests that, because the host of each individual Loomio poll automatically receives the final results at the poll’s close, the poll host communicate the final results to the Steering Chair. The resolution passes unanimously without objection.

SocFem Section Petition (Kurtis)

An amendment striking the petition’s language on amendments was motioned and approved, and this petition was approved by unanimous consent.

AfroSoc Section Petition (Kurtis)

Approved by unanimous consent.

DC PAC (Gabriel)

Gabriel is moving, so DC PAC requires a new treasurer by July. Kurtis advises Irene and the rest of the (to be determined) PEC work with Gabe on this business moving forward.

Meeting enters executive session at 8:22 pm.