2021-06-22 Steering meeting minutes

06/22/2021 Steering Meeting

Steering Committee, June 22

Facilitator: Stu

Secretary: Brendan G.

Location: Zoom

Attending: Abel A., Lauren Katz, Kareem Elrefai, Brendan G., Brian Wivell, Irene Koo, Runal Das, Saoirse Gowan, Stephanie G., Stuart Karaffa

Absent: Kurtis



Meeting came to order at 7:05 pm. Stu reads aloud the code of conduct and land acknowledgment. Asks for any amendments to the agenda. The agenda is then approved.


Financial Report (Lauren)

Secretary Report (Brendan)

  • Adcom has closed over 70 tickets in the past month, a sign of health and utilization by the chapter.
  • More work is being done to prepare for a predicted influx of tickets.
  • Brendan also motivates a vote for approval of the previous minutes. They are approved unanimously.

Old Business

Plan of work (Brian)

  • Brian volunteers to take point on drafting a plan of work.
  • Brendan motions for Brian to take point on drafting plan of work. The motion is seconded and approved unanimously.

Community Garden Working Group proposal (Lauren)

  • Lauren motions for suspension of the rules to be able to discuss during old business. Rules are suspended unanimously.
  • Note: No action required on behalf of the steering committee for the working group to begin work.

Campaigns Fair update (Lauren)

  • Lauren motions to authorize $500 to cover cost. Approved via unanimous consent.

New Business

Electoral endorsement process resolution (Stuart)

Defund MPD Spoke Text request (Runal)

  • Discussion occurs on overall mass text policy and the text is approved according to typical procedure without requiring a steering vote.
  • Chapter mass communications policy (Stuart)

Veterans for Socialism Section proposal (Brendan)

  • Brian notes that we shouldn’t move down a path of making sections into quasi-campaigns.
  • The petition was approved with all voting in favor.

Meeting enters executive session at 9:00 pm est and concludes at 9:26 pm est.